Royal Roos/Royal3D is your partner for 100% recyclable 3D printed special transport cradles and supports for transport over sea, road or by air. 3D printing allows full freedom of form, ensuring a perfectly fitted cradle or support. Material is lightweight but strong and special shock absorbing layers can be incorporated in the print. Lifting advice, 3D printed lifting supports and sea fastening calculations for sea transport are also part of our portfolio. We have a centrally located quay side and >1.500m2 of storage and packing facility available in Merwehaven Rotterdam. For full control over your special product transportation. Investing in the future of green break bulk transport.

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on demand

With our large scale additive manufacturing service we are able to produce a wide range of products and materials. From prototypes to end products we can help you with your product. With two of the largest 3D printers in Europe: a CEAD CFAM prime printer and a ABB robot arm track printer installed by Bloom Robotics. Allowing to 3D print applications with respective build volumes of 2 x 4 x 1.5 m and 8 x 4 x 5 m. Capable of printing a wide range of (recycled and recyclable) thermoplastics with possibilities of glass, carbon or natural fibres.


Research & Development

We put substantial effort in research and development. Material selection, material strength testing, optimal layer adhesion, post processing and welding of printed parts. To determine the most lightweight and strongest construction - while keeping in mind the printability - we can also conduct a FEM analysis on all designs.

Whether you are developing a new product, or see potential for automating existing products for additive manufacturing, we can help you to develop and engineer your product. Whether it be developing a new potential use case or testing possibilities in different materials we have the right knowledge and tools to help you.

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Design &
Digital Tools

Developing designs and digital tools for additive manufacturing can be difficult without the knowledge of manufacturing process. We can develop tools to help bring your designs to reality whether it be simply designing for manufacturing or custom parametric design tools.

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Royal3D offers engineering services for fiber reinforced thermoplastic material ranging from 3D-drawing services to conceptual design studies, including:
• 3D-modeling
• 3D-scanning
• Plastics engineering
• Reverse engineering
• Rapid prototyping

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Contact us for the options

our Printers

Royal Roos, a maritime engineering company and mother company of Royal3D, is always developing new and innovative products for the maritime industry and recognized great potential in the development of industrial printer. Additionally we have noticed a growing interest from the building and architectural industries. Industrial 3D printing technology for maritime can be used to produce transport cradles, gangways or fast, cheaper and accurate printing of ship models for resistance and motion testing.  

Sustainability is an important driving force. Printing means less waste plus we strive to use as much recycled material as possible. Furthermore the material can be recycled via our shredder and then reused for new prints.  

We currently have 2 printers...
Discover what our printers and their capabilities can do for your business.


our vacancies:

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