About Royal3D

Royal3D is a 3D printing service company developing and introducing new 3D printers, 3D printed products and custom solutions to our customers. Our large scale 3D printers - a CFAM prime and an ABB robot arm track printer - are able to print a variety of thermoplastics (ABS, PE, PP, PEEK, …) which can be fiber reinforced to increase strength and stiffness. Furthermore, the prints are temperature controlled to avoid deformations during printing and cooling down. Printing materials can be recycled and are fully recyclable.

Royal3D can offer complete printing solutions ranging from engineering services such as AM on demand, design&digital tools, research and prototyping and writing of G-code to manufacturing of standard or custom built 3D printers. This might even include setting-up 3D printing production facilities for companies aiming at switching to additive manufacturing by providing hardware, software and integration services.

Royal3D is an integrator offering fabrication and consultancy solutions using extensive marine engineering and technology expertise combined with our large industrial scale printers for fiber reinforced plastics. Due to the combination of technical engineering knowledge and 3D fabrication power Royal3D will provide scalable solutions from concepts to product.


To be able to offer technically advanced integrated solutions related to 3D printing largely for the maritime industry and built environment. While achieving this Royal3D strives to reduce our ecological footprint by striving to use as much recycled and recyclable materials as possible and aims for a fair distribution of things that really matter for our employees and customers. A large proportion of our profits will be re-invested in research and development.