CFAM Printer

Royal Roos, mother company of Royal3D, was situated in the same building when CEAD started developing their industrial scale Continuous Fiber Additive Manufacturing (CFAM) 3D printer. Royal Roos, a marine engineering company developing new products for the maritime industry recognized great potential in the development of this type of industrial printer and the CEAD team.

The maritime industry is challenging, sometimes with complex issues. Fast and accurate 3D printing of large (ship) parts with sufficient strength was so far not possible. With this new CFAM 3D printer developed by CEAD, it is possible.

This new technology can be used to produce gangways or fast, cheaper and accurate printing of ship models for resistance and motion testing. 3D printing on this printer is not only fast and on a large scale, but also allows you to calculate the cost price in advance if linked to parametric design.

Sustainability is another important feature. Printing means less waste plus the material(s) can be recycled and reused.

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