3D printing for Bioreceptive Stations Scape Agency


Royal3D is production partner for Scape Agency's concept of Bioreceptive Stations. Following text is from a LI-post from Scape Agency from 5 September 2020.

"A sneak peek of Bioreceptive Stations, revealed during BlueCity Lab's: How to BioDesign this past week.

Not merely our journeys contribute to our ecological footprint, but also the infrastructures we travel upon. We are upcycling these very building materials to create the circular and healthy mobility –scapes of the future! Our bioreceptive technology creates the perfect ecosystem for CO2-absorbing mosses and algae, reducing the carbon footprint of tomorrows journey!

Bioreceptive Stations will be officialy released at Dutch Design Week 2020!

The project wasn't possible without the expertise of Royal3D and Rutte Groep: Smart Circular Products. Visual artwork by Rocky Schouten.

Thanks to ProRail, NS Stations (onderdeel Nederlandse Spoorwegen), Bureau Spoorbouwmeester, Dutch Design Foundation and the What if Lab for creating the opportunity and supporting this project!

Also, thanks to Edhv, Superuse, Dutch Invertuals, and of course the other designers; Tjeerd Veenhoven , Welling Architects and Bygg Architecture; has been a pleasure working with you so far!"

For full post, go to: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/scape-agency_scapeagency-dream-discover-activity-6708003264127909888-C2aF

Image logo of Scape Agency, copyright Scape Agency

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