R-Iglo finalist in 3D Pioneers Challenge 2021


On 17 May 2021 the international design award for Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Technologies announced the nominees for the final. Until the award ceremony (22 June 2021), the 43 finalists will bepresented on www.3dpc.io and social media. We are very excited that the R-Iglo from Royal3D and ArchiTech Company is one of the finalists.

In the sixth year of the innovation competition, submissions from 32 countries and 5 continents faced the top-class 21-member international jury.

The focus of the 3D Pioneers Challenge 2021 was not only on the core of Additive manufacturing but also on innovations in Advanced Technologies. The group of participants included pioneers of professionals, young professionals, start-ups as well as students.

The nominees for the 2021 final clearly indicate a "paradigm shift" - projects and products are being rethought through digital processes and technologies. Sustainability plays a major role in the "newnormal", both ecologically and economically. Social-innovative concepts are taking steps into a progressive era of change. Back to the roots with new possibilities. The desire for the individual in a "New World" characterised by consciousness.

"What if..." our nature would be allowed to endure sustainably forever through new technologies and their cycles? "What if..." natural materials find their way into industrial use?

Jury 2021

The jurypanel, composed of politicians, academics, researchers, specialists of the industry and in their fields, discussed the quality of the submissions and the social responsibility of the finalists' presentation on the 3DPC platform in an almost philosophical manner. The submission, which take very progressive steps by means of Advanced Technologies, may well also trigger a controversial debate with regard to ethical and moral positions. It was assessed whether it is about the strong pioneering performance in the project or also the social relevance - to enable a paradigm shift with the new possibilities.

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